The effect of diet on ADD and ADHD

Child looking at apple

The old saying goes “You are what you eat”. That seems to be true for children with ADD and ADHD. A new round of peer-reviewed studies have shown how changed in diet can improve the management of children with ADD and ADHD.

Feingold links ADHD to diet

The link between ADHD and diet was discovered accidentally by a medical doctor Ben Feingold back in the 1970’s. He found that certain artificial dyes and other additives in food could trigger hyper activity. The food industry hit back hard with their own studies saying Feingold merely observed a placebo effect. Yet many parents who followed the diet prescribed by Feingold saw an improvident.

New studies on diet and ADHD

Jump to 2015 and a number of new peer-reviewed studies is showing a link between certain artificial colorings and food additives. Some things to avoid or cut include:

Avoid artificial colourings

Eliminate food additives especially sodium benzoate

Limit foods containing salicylates

For a full breakdown read more over at ExperienceL!fe magazine. and PIX 11 news

The Davis Attention Mastery Program

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