About Us – Vision & Mission

Ronita Engelbrecht

Picture showing Ronita From Familyzone

Ronita obtained a Psychology Honors degree from the University of Johannesburg followed by a PGCE specializing in mathematics. She also holds an Educational Psychology Honors from the same University. She has been actively involved in Remedial Education for the past 9 years.

In 2014 Ronita qualified as a Davis Dyslexia facilitator in the United Kingdom. Her private practice Familyzone Learning provides evidence based remedial educational services, which support the learning and development of children and adults with specific focus on Dyslexia (Dyscalculia) & ADHD.

Over the years Ronita has facilitated many adults and children in successfully overcoming their difficulties. If you feel out of control contact her today.

Ethical framework

As a facilitator Ronita has a professional understanding of Davis theories and methods. Familyzone Learning also understands the importance of working within a strong ethical framework. Thus, we strive to uphold both the therapeutic and ethical guidelines as stipulated by various governing bodies within South Africa.

Our mission

Familyzone Learning believes dyslexia is a natural gift and talent. Individuals from South Africa should discover this talent and reach their full potential. Parents and children have the right to question and learn from us and from each other. We achieve our mission by:

Provide high quality intervention for Dyslexia & ADHD using the Davis methods.

Support the wider community by providing information on Dyslexia and ADHD.

Highlight the positive effects of the visual learning style. Engage with parents, teachers, schools and surrounding community.

Moderating and contributing to insightful discussions on Dyslexia, ADHD and associated conditions.

Take part in ethically approved research. With aim of better understanding Dyslexia, the various Davis methods and the visual thinker.

Our vision

We envision a learning environment values a visual learning style.