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We take our clients right to expect that information about them will be held in confidence very seriously. Ronita will work one-on-one with each client, dedicating her time and ability to fully address the clients concerns. This intensive and sometimes emotional working relationship cannot succeed if the client does not have complete trust in Ronita.

Trust must earned and can not be given. We need the client to trust that we will not divulge any private information to any third-party. We will not use the client as part of some marketing ploy that include photos or movies showing how we conduct the program. Without assurances about confidentiality, clients may be reluctant to give Ronita the information she requires to successfully facilitate the Davis program. The high standard of client confidentiality we set at Familyzone learning is closely related to the guidelines for confidentiality as set out by the Health Professions Council of South Africa.

Feedback we receive from clients and parents is granted the same level of privacy. It is for this reason that we ask first ask permission and fully anonymize any feedback published on this page. Names and particulars are replace with ‘Client’ and ‘Location’ as appropriate. Feedback may be shortened or extracted from other communication in some cases but otherwise is published unedited.

From our clients directly

My child is completely different from the one that started a week ago !

Thanks very much for the time you spent with ‘Client”, I can see he is more confident and this is the first time he can’t wait for his report.

‘Client’ will not stop reading. On our way to school he read aloud all the road signs and billboards

We attended the first parents meeting at ‘Location’ yesterday. ‘Clients’ teacher said the difference was like night and day.

After creating the letter in clay they look normal. They don’t jump of the table anymore!

Hi Ronita. ‘Client’ received his first report today his Math mark is up with 29% and his English jumped to 76% we must still do some work to improve his Afrikaans but we are exited for the next report.

From our clients teachers directly

Ronita ‘Client’ is now one of the star students in my class. The turnaround is like night and day. Will recommend to other parents.

… skeptical at first. After the program ‘Client’ is coping with the pace set in class. He is also much calmer.

… he is also functioning as part of the class now. In the past ‘Client’ was very high in energy and low in motivation. He now seems to know what level of energy is required for the set task…

From the Web

Sometimes we will come across feedback on different pages around the web.

From a comment on Child Magazine article:

Personally I can highly recommend Ronita from Familyzone Learning in Gauteng. My son is dyslexic and went to her for the Davis Correction programme. His schoolwork has improved by leaps and bounds and his teachers report only good things. For the first time he actually enjoys reading. I did a lot of research on Davis before commiting and Ronita was honest and upfront during the entire process.

Northmead Educational Centre.

One of our clients attended Northmead Educational Centre. They compiled a full progress report. Below is an small excerpt:

Given the above-mentioned successes with regard to ‘Clients’ progress, it would seem that the Davis program has orientated ‘Client’ in a way that no other program to date, has been able to do. It must also be mentioned that ‘Client’ did have a school change just one week before starting the Davis program with Ronita. His new school is very much more in touch with the needs of children experiencing learning difficulties and ADHD. The combined effect of the Davis program and his increased happiness within the school situation have all been very promising with regard to ‘Client’ overcoming the difficulties that dyslexia has to date caused him.

Other testimonials from around the world

Comments from children and parents around the world who’s life was impacted by the different Davis® Programs. Ronald Davis successfully stated using his methods in California in 1981 the first Facilitators was licensed in 1996. Facilitators have since provided services to clients in more than 40 countries and more than 30 languages worldwide.

Watch as parents and clients comment on their experience with the different Davies programs.

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