Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find some Frequently Asked Questions in both English and Afrikaans. If we did not answer your question or you are still unsure, feel free to contact us directly
at any time.

On Familyzone Learning in general – English

Are you willing to travel to my location to present the program and what venue would you need?

Ronita is willing to travel to provide the program. She would need a quiet place to work with the client for 30 hours. Her travelling fees are not included in the price schedule for 2017. Feel free to contact her to request a travel quote to your area.

How do I know Ronita is registered internationally?

A registered Davis Dyslexia Correction® Facilitator would be registered on the Davis Dyslexia Association International webpage under program providers. Please click here for a link to program providers in Africa.

Why the high cost for providing the program?

The program is expensive due to the amount of individual hours the client would receive when working with a highly qualified Davis Dyslexia Correction® Facilitator. The fee works out to R660.00 per hour for undivided individual attention. Ronita was trained in the United Kingdom (Great Malvern) and completed a minimum of 400 hours before licensing.

On Dyslexia in general – English

How do I know if it is dyslexia?

Dyslexia can be more than just a reading problem. It is a way of thinking that can also affect your Mathematics and Attention skills. We recommend that you read the characteristics that describe individuals with dyslexia or alternatively click here to try the free on-line evaluation from Davis Dyslexia Association International.

Are all picture thinkers dyslexic?

Almost everyone has the ability to think in pictures some of the time, but the difference is that most dyslexics primarily think in pictures, and have a hard time thinking with words. So when reading, a dyslexic person needs to be able to picture the meaning of the words in order to understand them. A non-dyslexic person is capable of simply seeing the letters of the words or hearing the sound of the word in their own mind and making sense of it, even if they have no picture in mind.

Am I alone?

No, you are not alone click here to see a list of famous people that have learning disabilities associated with dyslexia.

On The Davis programs – English

Do you use any special colored lenses or filters?

The method used by Familyzone Learning does not make use of any special apparatus for reading. Colored lenses probably relieve eyestrain, thereby helping some dyslexics simply by improving environmental conditions. If you reduce fatigue, you will also reduce the level of disorientation. This might explain why lenses seem to produce short-term results, but not long term effectiveness.

What is the Davis Correction® Program

Firstly a client would need to complete an assessment to determine if the Davis Correction® Program is a suitable solution for their specific learning disability.

If it is determined that the program is suitable for the client they would:

  • Complete a one-on-one 30 hour program provided by a qualified Davis Dyslexia Correction® Facilitator.
  • Be provided with a focusing tool to help them perceive information accurately.
  • Stimulate their strong visual skills, while they master the alphabet to learn the differences between confusing letters
  • Learn how to track, sequence and process letters to improve their reading.
  • Be given a list of words that has caused his/her problems with reading to date. They will learn how to master these words.
  • Lastly, support training is given to an individual that would help the client implement the program in their everyday live.

How does the Davis Dyslexia Association International program differ from any other reading program?”

The program does not rely on repetition or drills that would bore the client. It rather addresses the underlying root cause of the problem and not just the associated symptoms. It focuses on using the individual’s strong visual skills; making it a fun, interactive program to complete that produces lasting results.

Do I need to take any special medication when I complete the program?

We do not recommend that a person use any medication that would hamper their creative thoughts or inhibit their visual thinking skills. It is therefore important to mention any medication taken to ensure the Davis Correction® Program is suitable and delivered optimally for every client.

What is Davis Orientation Counselling?

Davis Orientation Counselling is a focusing technique that enables the client to experience accurate perceptions without the extreme effort that continuous concentration requires. It allows the client to distinguish and eliminate any trigger that has played a fundamental role in the development of their learning disability.

What is Davis Symbol Mastery?

Davis Symbol Mastery™ is a method developed to utilize the visual thinker’s strong 3D skills. The client works with plasticine clay to form a 3D shape of all letters of the alphabet as well as a list of words that have been identified to cause confusion and is at the root of the learning difficulties the client experiences on a daily basis. Once these confusions are detected, they would be mastered following the Davis methods.

Why should the different programs only be facilitated by a registered Davis Dyslexia Correction® Facilitator?

A Davis Dyslexia Correction® Facilitator is required to complete a minimum of 400 training hours. These hours are not only used to test their theoretical knowledge of the program, but is also applied to develop their interpersonal skills to ensure the client receives a non-judgmental program while he/she is motivated to flourish in their new found accomplishments.

Is the Davis Correction® Program supported by research?

The Davis Correction® Program has is supported by research. Click here for an extensive list of research material regarding the Davis Program.

What age should a child be in order to benefit from a Davis Program?

Individuals older than 8 years are ideal candidates to complete a Davis Program.

Frequently Asked Questions – Afrikaans

My dogter is in gr3 en het Adhd. Vertel my bietjie meer wat jy met of vir die kinders doen.

Die ADHD program is 50 ure een-aan-een intervensie. As jou dogter nie sukkel om te lees of te skryf kan die program in 30 ure voltooi word. Die program leer haar om self te fokus sonder die gebruik van enige medikasie, haar eie energie vlakke te reguleer en ‘n ontspanning tegniek om te help as sy sukkel in ‘n klaskamer. Daarna werk ons op die lewens vaardighede waarmee mense met ADHD sukkel, om een te noem: cause en effect (oorsaak en die rede daarvoor). Hierdie lesse word met behulp van klei gedoen sodat die nie verbale denker die konsep kan sien en dan toepas in hulle lewens.

Hoe gaan jy weet watter een is watter een met ‘n nuwe manier van doen?

Sal jy van voor af moet leer lees en skryf? Dit is heeltemal normaal vir iemand wat visueel dink se brein om te raai wat se woord dit is deur net te kyk na die eerste letter. Ons het ‘n manier van fokus om jou te help sodat jy inneem wat werklik is en dan bemeester ons saam met jou die woorde wat mees problematies is vir mense met disleksie op ‘n 9 stap metode. Jy sal nie van voor af leer lees nie, maar net ‘n nuwe manier van lees bemeester sodat jy akkuraat lees en nie raai as jy lees nie.