The Davis Attention Mastery Program

Familyzone Attention Mastery Program for ADD ADHD. For all ages. Proven permanent results.

About the Davis Attention Mastery Program for ADD and ADHD

The Davis Attention Mastery Program empowers ADD ADHD individuals with effective tools that enable them to stay focused on the task at hand. The program also teaches control of activity levels to make sure the correct amount of energy is used for a specific task (avoiding hyperactivity or hypo-activity). This will allow people with ADD ADHD to use their creative talents while at the same time enforce correct social behavior.

The drug free Davis approach to ADD and ADHD

The Davis Attention Mastery program does not focus on the signs or symptoms of ADD ADHD (as these can change daily), the method rather focuses on the root cause to eliminate any of the symptoms or signs associated with the inability to focus, control energy level or to eliminate any inappropriate social behavior.

Focus on the root cause of ADD ADHD

What is the root cause:

  1. A very active imagination.
  2. An ability to think in pictures.
  3. No concept of tracking time.
  4. Finds it difficult to maintain order.
  5. Struggles to see the relationship between cause and effect.
  6. The concept of consequence is a challenge.

Most often these root causes lead to an associated label such as ADD ADHD.

Expected benefits resulting from completing the Attention Mastery Program for ADD and ADHD

  • Increased ability to stay focused on the task at hand
  • Ability to establish order
  • Increased self-awareness of appropriate behaviour in social situations
  • Ability to self-regulate energy control in each situation
  • An ability to remain relaxed and reduce stress with the use of the Davis tools
  • Improved self-esteem

How do I know if I can schedule a program:

Before scheduling a program an initial consultation is set up to determine an individual program that would benefit you the most and to determine the number of days needed to complete the goals set. During the initial consultation the facilitator would determine if the correct motivation is present to enable the resolution of inattention, behavior difficulties or social interaction challenges.*

*The above information is in no way intended as medical advice or as a substitute for medical counseling.