Price Structure

2020 Price Structure

Below you will find the price structure for 2020. Travel and accommodation may be levied if the Davis Dyslexia Correction® Facilitator is required to travel outside the Gauteng province or internationally. For any questions or special requests regarding payment, travel, discount or availability please contact us.

We can conducted the assessment over Skype if necessary. All assessments done in person includes a grade level reading and writing evaluation test.

Professional Service Duration Cost
Assessment to determine if the program is suitable (Can be conducted over Skype if needed) 2 hours R1 600
Davis Dyslexia Correction® (To improve reading, writing and spelling) 30 hours (5 days) R25 000*
Davis Math Mastery™ (Improve your Mathematics) 48 hours (8 days) R39 000*
Davis Attention Mastery™ (Improve your ADD/ADHD symptoms) 48 hours (8 days) R39 000*
Davis Reading™ Program for Young Learners (Enhance your reading) 30 hours (10 days) R25 000*

* Discounts may apply.

To achieve optimal results the Davis program is scheduled over a period of 5 – 8 days. The Davis program does not rely on weekly repeat visits. To discuss the price structure applicable for your needs please phone Ronita directly at 084 589 2011 or use the request form below.

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