Dyslexia and ADHD Facebook support group.

Virtual Facebook ADHD and Dyslexia Support Group

The FamilyZone Learning team realizes how difficult it may be for the parents of children with Dyslexia or ADHD/ADD. Thus we provide and facilitate a Facebook support page. Feel free to post and interact with others. If you would like to remain anonymous you can post to the group directly from here. You can also visit the page on Facebook by clicking here.

Our support group provide a platform for teachers and parents from South Africa, Africa and other countries to share information, discuss issues and get information on dyslexia and ADHD. Any question or comment is welcome.

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Type the message you would like to post anonymously to the Facebook group. It should only take a couple of minutes for your post to be visible. Your identity will remain completely anonymous. We only require your email address in order to respond personally if required. Afrikaans, English or any other language is welcome.

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Please like Bobby’s (boy in picture) facebook page. Www.Facebook.com/bk24racing

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If you have dyslexia, or have a child with dyslexia, this interview is worth a watch. One literacy expert told Hayley dyslexic people are “some of the most intelligent people on the planet, their br...

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This is Dav Pilkey, the author of the Captain Underpants series. I *love* the fact that he wrote this in his "about the author" page, knowing children similar to him may read it.

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The magic of clay... This Year 10 pupil scored 100% on a Biology test after making and then visualising this model. He has a history of struggling with the sciences.

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