Dyslexia is not a reflection of intelligence!


Dyslexia Reading Writing Learning

Often we associate dyslexia with low intelligence. This is an understandable human response. After all if you struggle to read and write you don’t get good marks at school and therefore it is perceived you are not very smart. In most school systems including that of South Africa you show what you have learned by writing, and you discover what you must write by reading. We write a test, we write reports and we read questions.

It is this read write cycle in our school system that places the dyslexic learner at a distinct disadvantage. Dyslexia is often labelled as a learning problem. But actually it is a reading and writing problem leading to the learner struggling to show what they have learned. Therefore dyslexic student are often very intelligent sometime even far above the class average. We make the mistake of branding them unintelligent because they do not have the 2 skills essential to excel in a school system we created.

Dyslexia and intelligence

The proof that dyslexics are intelligent is seen in the amount of outstanding dyslexic entrepreneurs. Being an entrepreneur requires a high degree of perseverance, intelligence and original thinking. Being dyslexic can actually give to the skill set required for being a successful entrepreneur:

Learning to turn their weaknesses into strengths has been an essential quality of these entrepreneurs. Experiencing hardship since childhood has enabled them to embrace failure, persevere in their businesses, and made them more attuned to the attributes of those they hire.

You can read more on why dyslexics are often good entrepreneurs over at FastCompany.com

Just another reason why we say that Dyslexia is a Gift, not something to hide but something that if managed correctly can be an advantage in life. The Davis Dyslexia Correction® Program will provide you with the needed skills to manage dyslexia.

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