Teaching ADD and ADHD children 50 tips


Teaching children with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) can be difficult. We find students with ADHD and ADD in large class rooms, small individual attention classes and at home schools. Yet working with these students can often be more rewarding for the teacher if they are managed in the correct way.

One tip for the teacher is:

Access to support systems is crucial. Do you know a colleague who has successfully dealt with an ADD/ADHD child? Do you have someone who you can talk to about your frustrations and celebrate your successes with? You will also need access to knowledge…

www.adders.org created a wonderfull PDF document with 50 tips for the educator when teaching children with ADD and ADHD. This can also be helpful for parents helping with school work or home school teachers.

Some more of the tips include:

5. You will need the parents to be on side with you. Encourage them to be open with you and to exchange information with you, sometimes parents have strategies which often work at home which can be applied to the classroom situation. This is also a 2 way thing and be open with the parents and work to build up trust between yourself and the parents to be able to work together for the good of the child.

27. Keep every thing as simple as possible. Make things fun so that they will attract the child’s attention thus increasing the chances that the message will be absorbed.

36. Try a home-to-school-to-home positive contact book.

Click here to download the PDF with 50 Tips for Managing ADD and ADHD in the Classroom

Another tip we find interesting was:

29. Make your and the schools expectations very clear.

When doing Davis Attention Mastery™ Program we also specify clearly what both the child and the parent expect at the start of the program.

The Davis Attention Mastery Program

Familyzone Learning provides the Davis Attention Mastery Program. The program will help both children and adults control their attention, energy level, and social interaction. This internationally researched innovative drug-free approach to ADD and ADHD is unique to South Africa. A client that is fluid in reading and comprehension can complete the Davis Attention Mastery Program by working a total of 48 hours over 8 days with Ronita. Unlike other programs the Davis Attention Mastery Program for ADD and ADHD has a set goals, set outcomes with a definitive start and end. No repeat weekly visits are necessary.

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